Paris Hilton made a joke about not changing her baby’s diaper in the first month, and people actually believed it

Paris holds Phoenix, her baby. Photo: Reproduction YouTube "Paris In Love"
Paris holds Phoenix, her baby. Photo: Reproduction YouTube “Paris In Love”

Paris Hilton joked about not changing her baby during his first month of life, but people didn’t realize it was just a joke, and she does take care of her son.

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Paris Hilton explained during her show “Paris In Love” that she was joking when she said she didn’t change her son Phoenix’s diaper during the baby’s first month of life and what she actually did on the very first day she brought him home.

Paris was surprised to realize that people took her joke seriously. “In all seriousness, when it comes to being a mom, I am completely hands-on and love every moment,” she added. “It’s interesting how a playful comment can be taken so seriously.”

She also commented on the importance of finding humor in life, as well as appreciating and respecting real moments. Paris took the opportunity to thank everyone for their understanding and wished them happy holidays this year.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Paris has dealt with mean comments. Since welcoming Phoenix through surrogacy with her husband, Carter Reum, she has had to defend her son from comments about the size of his head.

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