Natsuki Abe charms in Christmas cosplay photoshoot

Natsuki Abe. Instagram @i.am_natsuki_
Natsuki Abe. Instagram @i.am_natsuki_

The model and influencer Natsuki Abe recently shone in a Christmas-themed photo shoot for the brand Sugarnine, where her skill as a cosplayer was highlighted in a festive and enchanting setting.

+ Click here to see the video of the shoot

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The shoot, done in collaboration with LARME, was a perfect display of Natsuki’s talent and Sugarnine’s innovative aesthetic.
In the photos, Natsuki Abe appears dressed in meticulously designed Christmas costumes, reflecting both the joyful spirit of the season and the modern elegance that Sugarnine and LARME are known for providing.

Photos and videos: Instagram @i.am_natsuki_

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