Famous on Social Media, Suhail Nurmo Shares His Success Story

Famous on social media, Suhail Nurmo shares his success story
Famous on social media, Suhail Nurmo shares his success story. Photo: Disclosure

Selling things is one of the oldest practices of humanity. With countless strategies and tactics, the art of selling has transformed into a highly valuable commodity in contemporary society. Those who excel in this practice can achieve great accomplishments, besides results in their professional careers.

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The young Suhail Nurmo is an important name that has recently emerged in the business world. With a trajectory of excellent results, the entrepreneur is known for his wisdom and mastery when it comes to sales. Assisting various influencers and companies, Suhail has gained tremendous notoriety in the business world and on social media. With more than 20,000 followers on his Instagram, the young man has been performing in sales for a long time.

“I come from a home that didn’t have much. When we grew up, we struggled a lot with the household money and almost went into social housing. When I was 6, my mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and couldn’t work. This put a lot of pressure on my father, and he ended up juggling 3 or even 4 jobs. I knew I had to pull myself together, and this really motivated me when I used to see my family struggling or not being able to buy basic things,” shares the entrepreneur.

After battling a lot, Suhail Nurmo achieved the deserved spotlight within the business world and collects good results throughout his journey. Upon becoming a relevant figure in the market, he decided to share his trajectory with thousands of people, through lectures and publications on his digital media. Through much overcoming, Suhail is revolutionizing sales with his significant role in this segment.

“I faced an absurd amount of rejection, people who did not believe in me, including family and friends, which hurt the most. Another obstacle was being in an environment where getting involved in a business was looked down upon, as it was not something seen as normal in my house. One of the biggest obstacles for me was losing a large amount of money in a business investment that led to a significant setback. I overcame these obstacles by staying consistent and never giving up, no matter what. I reminded myself every day why I started. So I began to change my environment. I started listening to mentors on YouTube, reading books, and studying those who had what I wanted. Self-education became my top priority,” he concludes.

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