“Dentistry also deals with emotional health,” says young dentist

Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari
Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari

Specialist in dentistry, Dr. Emili Yukari is a reference in a procedure known for transforming smiles

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Smiling is good for health and improves mood. This is highlighted in a recent article published in the Nature Human Behavior journal, resulting from research led by Nicholas Cole, from the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University, USA.

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Conducted with nearly 4,000 participants from 19 countries, the study also suggests that even forcing a smile can lead to satisfaction and the release of positive chemical stimuli in the brain, concluding that a person’s facial expressions can influence their emotional state more than they might realize.
A universal sign of friendliness and welcome, a smile is at the forefront of social interaction, facilitating our relationships in any setting, especially professionally.

Another study, conducted in Brazil by UFMG in 2014 with nearly 2,000 young people, found that dental fractures and poor oral care negatively affect teenagers’ quality of life and, consequently, that of their families.

Poorly cared-for teeth reduce self-esteem and create insecurity, leading to fewer smiles and ultimately to a spiral of negative effects that can affect individuals in the long run.

Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari
Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari

With a degree in Dentistry from USP and specializing in dentistry at São Leopoldo Mandic, Dr. Emili Yukari emphasizes that the results of good dental care go far beyond aesthetics. “A smile is always welcome, no doubt.

But for that, one needs to take the initiative to smile. And who will feel more confident to smile when meeting someone or entering a room for a job interview? The person who has been taking care of their teeth, undoubtedly.”

Serving in her own clinic, the Yukari Dental Clinic, in São Paulo, the young dentist describes how noticeable and rewarding it is to see the change in mood and well-being in many of her patients.

“A smile can be improved and made more beautiful through various procedures,” says the entrepreneur who specializes in quick and painless techniques to work with prosthetics, porcelain veneers, resin veneers, restorations, and a range of other methods capable of transforming her patients’ smiles.

Dental veneers are a prime example. Designed to improve the appearance of teeth, this dental treatment corrects dental irregularities, such as curvature and color, providing a more even and harmonious smile. Done minimally invasively with results seen in a few hours, the procedure is seen as revolutionary in the dental field.

A specialist in veneer application, Dr. Yukari confirms that the results are indeed impressive but require some aftercare.

Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari
Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari

“Patients need to return to the clinic every six months for maintenance, like cleaning and polishing. Moreover, it’s advisable to always use ultra-soft bristle brushes and never use whitening toothpastes or bicarbonates containing abrasives, as these can cause the veneers to lose their shine and crack.

Lastly, care that applies to veneers also applies to teeth in general: avoid biting extremely hard objects,” advises the dentist as she displays, unsurprisingly, a beautiful smile.

Photos and video: Dr. Emili Yukari. Photo: Instagram Reproduction @draemilyukari

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