Carol Lekker, Former Rio Samba School Queen, Will Not Parade in Carnival

Carol Lekker. Photos and videos: Instagram @carollekker_

25-year-old influencer Carol Lekker has decided not to participate in Carnival 2024, citing significant financial investment in the previous edition.

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The young woman was the Queen of Unidos da Ponte, a top-tier samba school in Rio de Janeiro, in 2022. Lekker explains that she doesn’t regret having paraded at that time and was very happy to showcase her samba skills on the avenue, but she has some reservations:
“I spent the amount of a car, it’s a lot of money,” she declares.

She vents about how such expenses can destabilize a person’s financial life. “I managed to organize myself and had already allocated an exceptional amount for the Carnival, but the costs are so high that someone without financial acumen could be harmed.”

Carol Lekker also stated that her costume alone was worth about R$50,000 (US$ 10,000).

Carol Lekker. Photos and videos: Instagram @carollekker_
Carol Lekker. Photos and videos: Instagram @carollekker_

Adorned with arabesques, 650 pheasants, 15,000 crystal chatons, and 350 meters of crystal strass, the stunning outfit that graced the avenue was paid for exclusively with the money she earned by testing infidels.

It’s worth remembering that at the time, Lekker was hired by some women who wanted to test their husbands’ fidelity. Thus, the model began conversing with the supposed cheaters to uncover the truth.

According to Lekker, the work earned her approximately US$10,000. “Every day was a new adventure.

Trusting men is not really my thing, but I did find some who are faithful. The best part is that my income grew with this service, allowing me to allocate the entire amount for Carnival expenses,” she explained.

Photos and videos: Instagram @carollekker_

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