A woman claiming to be conducting a “social experiment” is criticized for using body paint in a gym

She stated that it was just a "social experiment." Photo: Reprodução X @onlynatreynolds
She stated that it was just a “social experiment.” Photo: Reprodução X @onlynatreynolds

Natalie Reynolds posts a video where she is confronted for using body paint in the gym, claiming it’s just a “social experiment”

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In a video posted on X/Twitter, Natalie Reynolds is seen being politely confronted by a fellow gym-goer who claimed that her attire was “inappropriate” for the environment. “If you’re not dressed, you need to get out of here, ma’am,” he said, to which Natalie replied, “I am dressed.”

The video, recorded on December 27, sparked many criticisms and a heated discussion about “indecent exposure” in specific places, while other users commented on the importance of considering the sanitary need for using gym equipment.

Among comments criticizing Natalie’s actions, one mentioned being “fed up with influencers,” adding, “Walking around safely thinking you’re untouchable.”

Later that day, Natalie tweeted that she was also wearing a sports bra and swimsuit bottoms and compared the negative response to her video with the content of a male YouTuber, writing, “So, a male YouTuber makes a video like this, but when I paint myself, everyone acts like the world is ending.”

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